Going back to basics

If you’ve been on this site before, you’ll notice things look a little… different. That’s because I’m fully embracing the back to basics vibe right now.

I’ve been growing ambivalent about the ‘always on’ lifestyle and how social media is shaping what see at all times. I find myself missing the days before Facebook, Twitter and the LinkedIn achievers took over the world.

Truth be told, I miss RSS feeds, Livejournal, sharing music on Myspace and just posting whatever random thought was on my mind. No side hustling, networking or censoring my thoughts because they’re not part of my personal brand. It’s exhausting and honestly triggers my perfectionism in the worst way.

I’ll be using this site less of a ‘personal sales’ tool and more of a ‘this is me and my random thoughts on writing, publishing, UX, content and just joyously celebrating things I enjoy’ haven.

This, of course, also means that I am ‘off the market’ for new work opportunities. I’m settling into a full-time, permanent UX writing role so I’ve gotten rid of the fancy WordPress theme and any pages that suggest I’m on the prowl for my next contract.

So here’s to writing something for the joy and folly of it.

And whacky off-brand feature images.

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