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Writer news…. Procopywriters survey and conference

There were two big pieces of news released this week from Procopywriters, the professional membership for copywriters in the UK.

2018 copywriting survey

First up, Procopywriters released their 2018 copywriting survey this week.

Interesting numbers for Scottish copywriters:

  • Scottish membership remains steady at 5%
  • The average daily rate for Scotland is now £284
  • The average income for Scotland is £36,333

The statistic that interested me the most was the gender gap. Even when both genders work the same number of hours, there’s a 25% gap. The high numbers are a bit unexpected since freelance writers are able to set their own rates. Not every female writer has caring responsibilities, so there must be a few more factors at play here. I suspect imposter syndrome, a shortage of mentorship, or competition in an oversaturated niche. Hopefully, we’ll get some further research on this in the future.

Win a place at London’s top copywriting conference

Procopywriters have released a scholarship ticket for their London Copywriting Conference in October for one lucky copywriter. Be sure to enter before the end of May 2018. Good luck! I’ve entered this too, so I’m holding thumbs right alongside you.

The conference features one of my favourite B2B copywriters, Doug Kessler (creator of the infamous Crap), so I hope whoever wins has a detailed write-up of the event.

What do you mean you don’t know crap?

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