Tesla’s Model 3 brings mainstream envy to green cars

If product architect Elon Musk’s unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 has confirmed anything, it’s that the days of sneering at environmentally-conscious drivers are over. Within two weeks of the launch on 31 March 2016, Tesla has taken 400,000 reservations for their latest electric car. And it’s not only eco fans that are handing over their $1,000 deposits.

Typically, when broaching the subject of electric cars, we reel off statistics around carbon emissions and their effects on the climate. We also highlight increasing health issues resulting from degraded air quality in urban centres. With the Tesla Model 3, those numbers don’t matter.

The Model 3 is simply… cool.

From its sleek curves, roomy design and futuristic dashboard, the Model 3 does for electric cars what Apple did for computing: making niche technology desirable for a mainstream audience.
Clocking an impressive 215 miles between charges, the Model 3 also accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 6 seconds. Autopilot, Tesla’s revolutionary automatic parking, steering and collision detection package, comes standard, making for safe, comfortable commutes in traffic.

Expected to start shipping before 2018, buyers should act now to avoid green envy of those already on the expanding waiting list.

I wrote this sample advertorial for the College of Media and Publishing. I’m not a car person, I don’t even drive, but if I had to drive, it would be a car that had some kind of automation. I’ve been waiting for years for a ‘Timecop’ type of car. Take me home Jeeves.

Photo by Matt Henry @ Unsplash

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