Four fab ways to beat the price crunch for your next family trip

The price of fuel is going up. The value of the Rand is coming down. So does that leave your family stranded at home for the holidays?

Not if you start following these handy tips to boost your FNB reward level before your next holiday.

Keep your spending in Cheque

The more money you spend on your Cheque Card, the more rewards points you’ll collect. Increase your monthly points total by also shopping online with your Cheque Card (it has the same 16-digit format as a Credit Card) or opting to draw money at Checkers or Shoprite Cash@Till points instead of at branches or ATMs.

Fill up with fuel

Pay for fuel with your FNB Cheque Card. Not only will you increase your points, but you’ll earn eBucks based on your reward level. Members on the highest reward level earn 15% back on fuel in eBucks every month. That starts to add up quickly.

Keep in touch

Does your family want the latest smartphone? Sign up for and protect your smart devices via FNB and get more rewards points. Buying prepaid airtime via FNB will also net you extra eBucks.

Save for a rainy day

Do something with your excess cents. Open a Savings Pocket with a minimum balance of R2 000 and choose to sweep surplus change into it with Bank Your Change.

Add it all up

Each of these little things add up to determine your reward level. If you also happen to have a home loan, personal loan or fixed deposit account, you’ll automatically be boosted up one extra reward level.

So, once you’ve gotten the highest reward level, what do you do with it?

Book online – the only way to fly

Book your holiday online at

Why? Because members with the highest reward level also get the biggest discount on or Emirates flights when booking online. That could mean a whopping 40% off the price of your tickets. And, if you’re travelling with your family, that’s a healthy chunk of change to turn a budget-conscious holiday from drab to fab.

What do you say?

Do you have your own favourite way of boosting your rewards points? Share them here.

I wrote this blog post when I proposed increasing our content marketing activity for eBucks – First National Bank’s reward programme (FNB). eBucks can be a complicated rewards programme, so I hoped we could regularly address that here in with friendly, aspirational content.

Photo: Ashim D’Silva @ Unsplash

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