Are you avoiding your dog walk?

Dear Jane Doe

Are you avoiding your dog walk?

I know you love your pampered pet as much as I do. But does spending quality time with your best friend now feel more like a chore than a pleasure? Maybe you need some help from the Animal Behaviour Clinic.

Do the following situations seem familiar?

  • You regularly need to ice your elbow or shoulder after a marathon pulling session with your dog
  • Everyone in the neighbourhood goes out of their way to avoid you and your dog after they spot you
  • Every dog walker and kennel in the area is coincidentally full every time you try to book them again
  • Friends and family keep turning down house visits, but do suggest you meet up at dog-free places

It’s never too late

Old dogs can learn new tricks. And so can their humans – with the right help.

Dogs that pull on their leads, or jump on people and pups, might embarrass or injure you. Nervous dogs that bark or growl can make leaving the house seem like a nightmare.

Thankfully, dogs can unlearn these dreaded behaviours.

I’d like to introduce you to someone who helped me enjoy the outdoors with my dogs after years of struggle.

Elaine Henley has guided dog owners and their problematic pooches for over 20 years. Founder of the Animal Behaviour Clinic, she can help you enjoy your time with your dog again.

Based in Scotland, Elaine will show you how to retrain your dog in your own home. Since no two dogs or homes are alike, you’ll get tailored advice for your unique challenges.

There are no magic tricks or fluffy self-help tips. You’ll get a practical plan of action so that you and your best friend can go out and enjoy your walks sooner.

What have happy dog owners said?

“We had a real plan, and I started seeing results in the first week. Our unruly Labradors are now a pleasure to walk. And there are some perks I didn’t expect, like compliments on their behaviour from our vet.” – Claire of Kilwinning

“Nelson no longer tries to jump on every person and dog he meets. I’ve even had a few ‘well-behaved dog’ comments on our walks.” – Diane Rooney from Glasgow

Need help right now?

Visit for a free quote on your home visit and custom action plan.

Not ready for a home visit?

Elaine holds weekly dog training classes in Ayr, Paisley and Glasgow. From puppy obedience to social games for older dogs, each class boosts your dog’s good behaviour. And it’s fun for everyone too.

Search for Animalbehaviourclinic on Facebook to see our good doggies at class.

Start enjoying your walks again

Call Elaine on 01294 833764 now.

I know she will help you as much as she helped me and my dogs, Hunter and Nelson.

Claire Rooney, Writer

I wrote this direct mail as a sample for the College of Media and Publishing. I recommended targeting dog owners in Ayrshire and Glasgow, via advertising opt-in permissions from local vets. I decided on the topic because I have used the services myself and was blown away at how simple the training was to turn a nightmare dog walk into a pleasure.

Photo by Danika Perkinson @ Unsplash

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