4 ways doodling can absolutely make you more professional

Have you ever had to fight the urge to doodle during a boring meeting because you didn’t want to be unprofessional?

Great news. Research suggests doodling is useful, especially during dull discussions.

  1. Doodling improves concentration
    Psychologist Jackie Andrade ran a study in 2009. It showed that people who doodled while listening to boring recordings remembered 29% more than those who didn’t.
  1. Doodling helps you come up with more ideas
    The parts of your brain that doodles differ from the part that interprets speech. These awakened areas will help you generate ideas while you doodle.
  1. Doodling changes your perspective
    Because doodling forces your mind to think in pictures instead of words, you’ll be able to tackle issues differently.
  1. The better you become at doodling, the more your colleagues will want to steal your notes
    Adding doodles to your notes makes it easier to learn. Earn professional kudos by sharing these notes with colleagues.

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Source: What does doodling do by Jackie Andrade

I wrote this 200-word advertising feature sample for the College of Media and Publishing, and I targeted it at a publication like Computer Arts. I think this would bring comfort to in-house creatives everywhere, although, considering most of us hate meetings, maybe the non-creatives would get a kick out of this research too.

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