Content crafting

I don’t get too attached to that bright idea. I might need to kill it as a kindness to others.

Something I would say

About me

Born in Scotland, raised in South Africa, I have a hybrid accent that few can guess. My differences make me appreciate the differences in others. I design experiences. My medium is content.

Power skills

Empathetic. Creative. Curious. Efficient. Prudent. Receptive. Collaborative. Problem sensitive. Aims to be kind and fair. Revises opinions. Graced with random stats and it’ll-be-retro-someday pop culture references.


I can MacGyver most work setups to get the most out of them. I’ve wireframed in Sketch, PowerPoint, InDesign, and Illustrator. I can create a mean Word template and will get nerdy about Notion.

The thing about content design is that it’s a bit like coding. But we need to listen to our audience before we can find that problem comma the program tells us is somewhere else.

Another thing I’d say

My approach

How I helped the contact centre return to sane levels before Christmas struck.

Using my T-shaped experiences to think about the future of online learning.


How I put a bloated intranet on a diet to keep pace with change and get team buy-in

Unicorns coming soon.